All OREA College Related COVID-19 Updates

Updated on: August 21, 2020 – In-person exams are re-starting at Don Mills

As businesses have begun to reopen around the province, we are pleased to re-introduce in-person exams, albeit in a limited fashion.

Beginning Monday, August 24th, OREA will once again offer iPad-based exam sessions at our Don Mills location. All appropriate measures are in place to ensure the health and safety of students and staff attending an exam. Seating capacity has been reduced to allow for recommended seat distancing, our professional cleaning regimens have been enhanced, and new procedures are in place to manage foot traffic in the building.

For students and staff at each centre, we have established safety measures such as mandatory mask-wearing and hand sanitizer stations, and more. To read more about what to expect at an exam venue, visit the In-Person Exams page.

We also anticipate that more venues will resume hosting iPad-based exams, in the coming days and weeks. These in-person exam sessions will supplement the online-proctored exams that many students have taken advantage of already. Our goal is to offer choices, where we can, to help students complete their courses and begin building their careers in real estate. We wish you success as you continue your studies.