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We Have Your Back

OREA is doing everything we can to provide tools, resources, and information to assist our community at this extraordinary time. As part of this commitment, we are pleased to inform you of numerous Forms-related resources.

1.      Member Memo Forms State of Emergency Resources & Tools

2.      Six new OREA State of Emergency Standard Clauses

Our team has created six new Clauses in response to the State of Emergency. They are as follows:

  • STATE OF EMERG-1 Unable to Complete
  • STATE OF EMERG-2 Key Drop Devices
  • STATE OF EMERG-3 Electronic Signature Consent (aka ELEC-1)
  • STATE OF EMERG-4 Video Conference Closing Documentation
  • STATE OF EMERG-5 No Buyer Personal Inspection
  • STATE OF EMERG-6 Subject to Buyer Personal Inspection

You can find the new clauses and their vital notes in the recently updated OREA Clause Booklet. As always, you can access all Standard Forms and Clauses, including the new State of Emergency Clauses via OREA’s Third Party Provider Licensees.

3.      Forms State of Emergency Resources Webinars

Forms State of Emergency Part 1  | Watch the Recording here

  • High-level overview of new Forms Resources

Forms State of Emergency Part 2  | Watch Recording here

  • In-depth overview of new resources with Member Q&A

Forms State of Emergency Part 3 | Watch Recording here

  • Review Trading Situations and Member Questions

4.      Forms State of Emergency Frequently Asked Questions

Still have questions? Email us at – we’re always happy to help!